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Previous events

Shane Scarazzini & EightFingers: Rochester Fringe Festival 

We had an incredible night on the biggest stage of the Rochester Fringe Festival this past Saturday! It was a bar-raising day for Shane Scarazzini & EightFingers, and we were blessed with a warm, accommodating staff and a fantastic audience! Look out, because we are going to keep this momentum flying! Big thanks to the staff of Rochester Fringe Festival for all of your hard work!



The time is nearly here! "Camilla," the debut single from Shane Scarazzini & EightFingers is going to released soon! To be part of the FIRST group to receive a FREE download link, be sure to join our mailing list! We appreciate y'all being a part of this journey and we can't wait to share our brand new original music with you!

EightFingers at The Winner's Circle Saloon 

We had an incredibly fun time rocking the house with the wonderful people at The Winner's Circle Saloon in Grantville, PA! We can't wait to go back for another rowdy time! Enjoy this sampler platter of fun clips from our time there!

EightFingers Opening For Jimmy Thackery - ELECTRIFYING! 














We made history at the legendary Stanhope House in Stanhope, NJ! Shane Scarazzini & EightFingers put on a searing set that left the room mesmerized! Of course - it was followed by an incredible headlining performance by Jimmy Thackery & The Drivers! We were honored to be a supporting act for Jimmy, a guitar legend! Thank you to the great staff at The Stanhope House for featuring us and thank you for your great hospitality! 

Be sure to check out the video section of our website to see some footage from this great night!

EightFingers Featured in Entertainers Worldwide Blog! 


This is the headline of our recent feature in the Entertainers Worldwide Blog! We are honored to be one of THREE groups out of their entire database to be featured in their awesome blog - many thanks to the great crew at Entertainers Worldwide! 


Tickets On Sale NOW for The Stanhope House! 

Tickets are now on sale on the "STORE" tab of this website! On Sunday, November 12th, Shane Scarazzini & EightFingers will be on the main stage at The Stanhope House opening for guitar legend Jimmy Thackery & The Drivers! Doors open at 5pm. Save $4 by purchasing through us in advance! This will be a night to remember!

EightFingers Opening For Jimmy Thackery & The Drivers 












EXCITING NEWS! Shane Scarazzini & EightFingers will be opening for guitar legend Jimmy Thackery & The Drivers at a special showcase at The Stanhope House in Stanhope, New Jersey. Tickets will be on sale shortly and they will be AVAILABLE RIGHT HERE ON THE WEBSITE!
We hope to see all of your faces at the show for an ELECTRIFYING night of music that will go down in history!