shane scarazzini & eightfingers: outlaws with a clean cut.


shane scarazzini
vocals, guitar

Originally hailing from the scenic hudson valley, ny, shane scarazzini cut his teeth as a national touring guitarist based out of nashville. straight out of high school, he hit the road with a variety of country, rock, and blues groups that began to sculpt his sound by osmosis. deciding to move from the side of the stage to the front, shane founded "eightfingers" and never looked back. 

don holocher


originally hailing from queens, ny, don holocher was exposed at a young age to the music of greats such as freddie king, albert king, humble pie, and beyond. a family man, don keeps the rest of the band in check. don's unique drumming style comes from a smattering of influences from grunge to country. sustaining an injury that amputated two fingers from his snare hand, don also has a uniquely adapted playing method.

lucas carillo

bass, vocals